What Does Jesus Delight In?

One of the main questions a church planter has to ask is what kind of church to plant.           The right answer to that question is always "a church that looks like Jesus." 

We may a focus on a certain ministry, or language, or generation. Our brand may or may not be overtly Southern Baptist. The accent in our gospel preaching and living may have special relevance for a certain crowd, but our plan has to follow God's plan to birth churches according to what delights Him.
"This is my Beloved. My Son. In Him I am well-pleased!"

Such was heaven's witness at Jesus' baptism, and again on the mount of transfiguration, and unmistakably--on that glorious Resurrection morning. 
The faith we proclaim is to be fully aware that God wants us, and calls us as the Church, to look like Jesus.  

Whatever our plan, that's always His Plan: that by His Spirit, we be conformed to the image of His Son (Romans 8:29). 

In coming alongside church planters we help them define Core Values. Christ is Head of the Church, yet core values drive all we do. Consciously or unconsciously, these are the deep commitments that shape a church's energy and life. These are the non-negotiables that will help or hurt you, what we become. Will we be invested in what matters?

So it's a huge question for those who set out to make disciples, or plant churches: what are the Core Values of Jesus? ... What does He delight in?

Until we know, until we hear the Lord speak clearly from His Word about that, don't even attempt to plant a church. Because church is a people who meet with Jesus and help others meet Jesus.


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