Meet Our Planters

SAM and LUZ JACKSON~Hope Community Church, Racine
Hope is a new Racine church that intentionally brings people from different backgrounds to become a shared expression of gospel acceptance : and a future built on God’s purpose.  We are now meeting for worship and Bible study, so call us for details! (262) 456-2726
Jesus is the One who enables all who follow Him to heal and unify people who were divided: to be one people re-made in His image. So we look to Christ to grow us as a spiritual family that exists for others to see what He is like! As witnesses who can tell who Jesus is and what He’s done, we come from varied social, ethnic, generational, and cultural backgrounds. We are devoted to make disciples in our city, our region, our nation -everywhere, Acts 1:8.  We  hangs out together! Sharing life  in all of its challenges, triumphs and tragedies … devoting our resources and ourselves to the all-encompassing Kingdom of God. We, who have been graciously received through God’s own love and Sacrifice, aim to advance restored relationship too. All this will only be done in faith, and under the leading of God’s Holy Spirit, the same Spirit who is leading us to be His church, empowered and sent forth for service and mission! And as a church plant, we fully expect to be involved in planting other churches whenever and wherever God leads.

ELIE and LUNA HASBANI~Ethnos Church, Milwaukee 
God brought Elie and Luna to Milwaukee with a special vision of God’s love for the nations.
Ethnos Church of Milwaukee serves many nationalities and languages, offering joyous worship in celebration of God’s own joy in human variety and His reconciling grace. Ethnos offers fellowship to exchange students, new comers from other lands, help to connect and learn the language, but especially to know and meet God.  They envision an international training center, partnering with schools, community leaders, social services, as they share Christ’s life and future.


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