Leadership Pipelines for Church Planters

Before 2018 started, I sought to know how God wanted my time and energy to be sown into life and calendar. Church planting? Sure. But what more to do to see more church planting happen? More prayer. More awareness. More partners. More teamwork sharing Christ in more places. All this, but more.  More leaders: many home grown.

The Lord had spoken to me and a dear friend, Pastor Elie Hasbani, about establishing  training centers to nurture minds and talents. How many among our churches are meant to play future roles in church planting, perhaps on a church planting team, or as lead church planters?

That's why I was all-ears when our North American Mission Board announced plans for something called the Church Planting Pipeline!  Ethnos Church has 4 church planting interns going through Pipeline classes and online instruction, as well as a church planting apprentice.

No, it doesn't really look like this ...

but maybe like this!
    Followers of Jesus    >   Potential leaders  >  Interns-in training  >  Team members >  Planters
And the place where the Pipeline begins is the local church. How about your church?

Nothing "mechanical" about it! It's truly personal and relational, even though we use great video clips, expert articles, and interactive learning to help people access the content-flow right from their personal computers. Also, there's one-on-one coaching so all of us can tap into new ideas and siphon off fresh fuel for ministry within our own immediate ministry assignments.  

The way NAMB envisions a developing leaders's experience and learning, along with others
who are active practitioners in church planting, looks like this:
A church gets to bring it's own flavor and ingredients to enhance core Pipeline content.
Example: Elie leads an international church,  so more attention is given to cross-cultural relationship.  There's live teaching times each month, besides what a learner can access from one's computer.

What kinds of things are we learning together?

  • Understanding God's Calling
  • Recognizing and Harnessing Spiritual Gifts
  • Evangelism
  • How to Start and Lead Small Groups
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Church Planting

Soon to come, we'll be working on other core competencies like these:

  • Bible Fluency
  • Communication
  • Relationships
  • Leadership
  • Making Disciples
  • Understanding Church
  • Understanding Community/Ministry Context
  • Multiplying Leaders                                    and lots more!

Download a detailed overview of the Pipeline here.

Now here's a fun question.  What will it cost? Commitment. It's FREE for any Southern Baptists church BUT not just any church can get it. They must be at least earnestly preparing for their part in church planting.    Thus, it requires getting off the bench and getting "skin in the game".

If your church aims to equip followers of Jesus to move out on mission, then you qualify.


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