I wasn't sure  about church planter coaching.
Ministry leadership - and church planting especially - depends on people's ability to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit: who has His own coaching ministry! That's right. Jesus called the Holy Spirit the Parakletos, actually He said "another Parakletos" (John 14:16), which means "one who is alongside calling". A Counselor or Coach.

 In the early nineties this coaching angle seemed optional to me. And as a preacher telling people what to do seemed more natural than asking them what they thought they needed to do. But every church planter, we believe, will be more likely to do a better job of church planting, if he receives consistent, highly relational coaching. Coaching is largely about helping church planters broaden their perspective on what's affecting them, or where opportunities lie. Coaching is also about narrowing the focus on the particular issues, tasks, or decisions that could potentially be   (A) most significant, or (B) most hurtful if ignored.

For this reason, every church planter who works with us should expect to be in a coaching relationship for 18-24 months, meeting twice each month, then monthly for the next 6-12 months. We hope that doesn't sound like overkill. But we're stuck with the conviction that coaching is stewardship of life, soul, and calling. Therefore, it is what the Lord would have us do!

Why share this with you?  

We want you to know that we value those who plant. We care about what they do. We invest in those called to this ministry. Planters will find themselves coaching the leaders God lets them raise up.  As I start 2018, God has given me 5 new coaching relationships: one being, our Church Planting Team.
We seek mature leaders & followers of Christ who desire to coach, giving their prayers and wisdom to help others grow. Whether you're a pastor, teacher,  businessman, or a woman ministering to women, there's a range of opportunities to use your experience and faith to help others chart a path for growth.
You may want to learn more about how coaching fits in your own life vocation. And we've got some great resources we can recommend. Truth is, we're always looking for more

What coaching resources has God used in your life?