Starting Ventures from Where God Shows Up

Weeks ago, I was in a huddle with six other guys—each answering God’s call to church planting. The lead planting pastor spoke on Moses’ call to his task, from Exodus 3--when God showed up in a burning bush. Many ponder the mystery and meaning of that destiny-altering encounter, but the intent was clear: so the man might know his mission, and so all might know God. (But even a God-called man like Moses would not set out on a mission without others by his side.)

Church planting trusts that God is still making His Presence and Redemption known on the landscapes of our own daily surroundings. Church planting trusts that we, once ignited by God, can blaze intensely—and yet somehow not be consumed. It’s wondrous, every time. And church planters are glad that others are willing to stand by their side. 

May GOD work mightily in His undertakings. May we too know that we've come onto holy ground.